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Grifin 81 LTD was established in 2009 like small private company.

In 2010 Emil Nakov, on behalf of Grifin 81,  became an agent of Nokian Tyres plc for Balkan Countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Croaria, Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Currently this actiwity is over and Emil Nakov works as Nokian Tyres Manager for 17 countries in Europe.

Interested in getting into the Children's book market, was registered owned trademark GRIFIN.
At 2011, Grifin 81 LTD became a small independent Bulgarian publishing company. It specializes in picture books and fairy tales that originated in other countries.

Grifin 81 LTD is valuable partner and always is open to try out new ideas, concepts and strategies.